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A throuple have opened up about what it is like to be in a three-way relationship – saying their set-up is no different to a “traditional monogamous” one.

Alana and Kevin first met Megan, an operations manager, on a dating app called 3Fun, specifically designed for people after “any type of relationship desire”.

They had signed up “looking for something fun”, with Alana wanting to explore her sexuality, but after getting to know Megan better, the trio decided to make things official.

Alana, Megan and Kevin smile for a photo.

Alana, Megan and Kevin have their own way of responding to negative comments. Source: Jam Press/Australscope

The throuple have been together for two years, and now do everything as a trio – from sharing a bed to eating meals, and are hoping to buy a house.

They’ve started a TikTok account to share their life together, with a recent video racking up over four million views – but revealed they are often met with backlash from trolls.

‘Our relationship is normal’

“Kevin and I were together prior, having started dating in 2017,” Alana, an online clothing boutique owner, told

“I was bi-curious and wanted to explore my sexuality, so I brought it up to Kevin to see if he would want to do that with me.

“We were initially just looking for something fun, nothing too serious, but after talking with Megan and getting to know her, everyone wanted to make it a permanent thing.

“We were drawn to committing to this type of relationship after talking every day for a month, and after meeting in person at a café, we realised we immediately clicked really well.

“We also loved being around each other.

“And since, it has worked out really well for us!”

The throuple, from Northern Colorado, believe that their relationship is no different to a ‘normal’ one.

Megan and Alana smile for a photo.

The throuple are hoping to buy a house together soon. Source: Jam Press/Australscope

Alana added: “We all sleep together, in a king-sized bed, and we often switch around, or take turns sleeping with each other every night.

“We have intimate moments one-on-one, as well as all together, we don’t get jealous of each other.

“In fact, we do not experience jealousy in our relationship at all, we all just do our best to give equal attention to each partner.”

And in terms of date nights, the trio always make sure to set aside time for each other.

She said: “We will go to the movies, we really like going out to dinner, and we love trying new places.

“Our favourite thing to do all together would be exploring nature!

“We will spend days out driving around the mountains, finding new lakes and streams, fishing, and sometimes hiking.

“Honestly for us, being in a throuple relationship is not that different from a traditional monogamous one.

“The main difference is just that you have an additional partner whom you love and care for, and whose feelings you need to consider.

Kevin and Alana stand in front of a river.

Kevin and Alana met first, and later reached out to Megan to join their relationship. Source: Jam Press/Australscope

“One of the main positives is that there is double the amount of love and support!

“Also, for me and Megan, we are both bisexual, so this relationship dynamic allows us to fully experience both of our sexual preferences.

“We all live together; Megan moved in just a year after we began dating!”

However, the throuple do find some downsides to the three-way-relationship at times.

She added: “It would be that it just takes longer to decide on things, for example what to eat and what to watch.”

The throuple also feels lucky in that their family members and friends have been very supportive.

She said: “All of our friends have been really accepting and welcoming to this new relationship.

“For the most part, our families have been as well.”

Trio meet negativity ‘with love’

The trio have also shared details about their relationship on TikTok (@campthrouple) and say the feedback is mostly positive – though some trolls have come out of the woodwork.

Alana said: “The response is primarily positive and we have actually had a lot of people reach out to us asking our advice because they are interested in this type of relationship or they are figuring out their sexuality as well.

“So that has been really cool to be able to help others and shed light on this type of relationship.

“But there is always the flip side of the coin and we do get negative responses as well.

“Most of the time people disapprove due to religious beliefs.

“We understand that everyone has their own belief system and journey in life, so even with the negativity we always try to meet that with love and we don’t let it influence how we act or respond.

“We just want people to know that there are different types of relationships and forms of love.

“Every relationship is unique and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to love.

“Our plans for the future would be to eventually buy a house where we can have some land to grow our own food and have some animals.

“Since we love camping, we would also love to have a campsite of our own where we can host events.”

TikTok viewers divided over throuple

In one video posted to their TikTok, (@campthrouple), the trio reveal what a day in the life is like as a three-way-couple.

In the clip, Alana, Megan and Kevin can be seen snuggled up in bed as Kevin kisses their heads.

Megan then makes them all breakfast, before they head out for a bit of shopping.

They then all went on a walk together, again, taking turns to hold hands, before heading out to grab a takeaway and cosy up to watch a Harry Potter movie at home.

The video has over 321,000 likes and thousands of comments from supportive users.

Pat commented: “Man is living the dream.”

Conor added: “How does it feel to live my dream.”

Someone else joked: “Not a bad idea with the cost of living.”

Shelly said: “You guys are awesome.”

Olivia wrote: “Cutest throuple ever!!”

While some TikTokers weren’t as keen on the relationship.

Louise said: “I’m sorry a what?”

Raul added: “A throuple??” followed by skull emojis.

“I could never I would get too jealous,” said someone else.

“This should end very well,” added Osirk.

“There always a duo in a trio,” wrote Sabre.

– Jam Press/Australscope

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