‘Increasing level of concern’ in Australia’s support for Ukraine | Englishheadline


Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Birmingham says there is an “increasing level of concern” in Australia’s level of support for Ukraine as they should be doing more to help the country.

“We have seen the majority of our partner nations provide significant additional commitments,” Mr Birmingham told Englishheadline Australia.

“There was a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald … which basically said Australia has moved from being a key supporter back in 2022 under the Morrison government of Ukraine to now being almost a bystander.

“I think the Albanese government needs to take that sort of criticism seriously and ensure that when Prime Minister Albanese goes to the NATO Leaders’ Summit … that he goes armed with a full and comprehensive package of support for Ukraine.

“They should be making sure it’s a comprehensive package to help Ukraine to defend not just its country but the types of international rules and norms that we all rely upon.”

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