AEC rejects claims Voice ads are ‘biased’ | Englishheadline


The Australian Electoral Commission has rejected claims by leading No campaigner Warren Mundine that enrolment ads ahead of the Voice referendum are biased.

Mr Mundine accused the AEC of “crossing the line” with its ‘Our Vote, Our Future’ campaign, which has been running on social media and other advertisements to show and encourage Australians to update their enrolment and enrol for the first time if they haven’t.

Mr Mundine argues the ads subtly promote the ‘Yes’ campaign and that the focus instead should be on simply getting Australians to enrol ahead of the referendum due later this year.

The AEC completely rejects the allegations and argues they take their neutrality very seriously.

“The campaign being discussed is about encouraging Indigenous Australians to enrol – that is all,” the Electoral Commission told Englishheadline Australia.

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