You need a high IQ to count all the triangles in this mind-boggling brainteaser – it can take SIX minutes to find them | Englishheadline


READERS have been challenged to count all the triangles that are hidden in this mind-bending brain teaser.

Eyes have been darting as players rush to count all the shapes they can see within six minutes.

How many triangles can you see in this brain teaser?


How many triangles can you see in this brain teaser?Credit: Rainbow Riches Casino

Designers at Rainbow Riches Casino have produced a picture that shows a triangle on a green background.

There’s one big triangle, but more than two dozen shapes have been hidden.

Struggling readers should focus on the triangles they can see before they hunt for the smaller shapes.

In total, there are 24 triangles – some are huge, while others are tiny.

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How many triangles did you manage to find? Did you find them all before the six minutes ended?

You might be able to say that you’ve got a high IQ if you managed to find all the triangles.

Find the solution at the end of the article if you missed any triangles.

If that was too easy, can you find the hidden number in the red square?

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Did you find all 24 within six minutes?


Did you find all 24 within six minutes?Credit: Rainbow Riches Casino

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