Mizzy ‘hungry for attention’ and an example of ‘bad parenting’ | Englishheadline


TalkTV contributor Esther Krauke has slammed prankster Mizzy after he was arrested and charged for allegedly trespassing into a drivers cabin of a train in a viral video posted to TikTok.

Ms Krakue told Piers Morgan Uncensored the prankster is “a kid who is hungry for attention” and a great example of “bad parenting gone very very wrong”.

“This is a kid who is hungry for attention and that’s the social media era we’re living in.” Ms Krakue said.

“Clearly it’s a disciplining issue, it’s something that falls on his parents … He’s obviously an example of what happens when parents goes very very wrong.”

Mizzy has since been granted conditional bail and is due to appear in court in July.

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