Push for ICC to review role of senior commanders following Brereton Report | Englishheadline


Former army officer and lawyer Dr Glenn Kolomeitz says the basis on which Major General Paul Brereton has “exculpated” higher commanders regarding alleged war crimes is “flawed” and warrants a revisit.

Last week it was revealed Defence Chief Angus Campbell was having another go at trying to remove the medals of soldiers, particularly the SAS who had served in Afghanistan.

The anger of a number of current and serving soldiers has become the impetus for a push to have the International Criminal Court review the role of senior commanders during the Afghanistan campaign — including their blanket exoneration in the Brereton Report.

“Major General Brereton gave blanket exemptions to the other major generals in charge of operations in Afghanistan based on a fundamentally flawed application of the law and fundamentally flawed application of the command and control structures in Afghanistan,” Dr Kolomeitz told Englishheadline host Peta Credlin.

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