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A PLUS-SIZE woman is on a mission to prove to her bigger sisters that they can look cute in a bikini too.

She loves wearing a two-piece to the beach because, she said, “fat girls are pretty too.”

TikTok user The Cutest Collective posed in a bikini on a beach


TikTok user The Cutest Collective posed in a bikini on a beachCredit: TikTok/thecutestcollective
She said 'Fat girls are pretty too'


She said ‘Fat girls are pretty too’Credit: TikTok/thecutestcollective

The Cutest Collective (@thecutestcollective) posted her video from a sun-drenched Fort Lauderdale beach.

The ocean was calm behind her but she was kicking up a storm in her itsy bitsy bikini.

This lady loves fashion and her TikTok is populated with different looks she has pulled together for her viewers.

She makes it clear she wants everyone to feel good about themselves, no matter what their shape or size is like.

I'm a plus-size girl - Karens tell me not to wear a bikini but I look great
I’m plus-size – older women tell me I shouldn’t wear a bikini, I do it anyway

This was made clear at the beginning of the year when she declared “My New Year’s resolution is to remind everyone how cute they are.”

But this post was all about the bikini slay and it certainly inspired her followers.

“Another day at the beach, another super cute fit bikini,” she wrote in her post.

She wore a turquoise two-piece thong, patterned with green palm trees.

She matched it with a short sarong and a pair of white-framed shades.

She twisted and twirled to give viewers a full 180-degree view.

Commenters were in awe of her body positivity.

“Beautiful,” said one person.

“Confidence looks amazing on you,” wrote another.

There was some envy in the concluding remark.

“Oh my God, give me your body,” they begged.

Fans said they loved her confidence


Fans said they loved her confidenceCredit: TikTok/thecutestcollective

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