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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday trolled President Biden and other Dems over the ever-expanding rift between the White House and New York City Mayor Eric Adams on immigration.

“Mayor Adams is right: ‘New York City deserves better,’ ” the California Republican wrote in a blog post, quoting Hizzoner at a protest in the Big Apple last week demanding the Biden administration fast-track work permits for the tens of thousands of migrants flooding Gotham.

Basking over how “Democrats are finally coming to terms with the reality that the Biden Border Crisis is hurting the country,” McCarthy added, “It has gotten so bad, even the leaders of Democrat strongholds like New York City and Massachusetts are throwing in the towel.

“They can’t handle the strain that the massive influx of people has had on their city and state,” the GOP leader said.

“It’s time for New York’s very own Senator [Chuck] Schumer and his Senate Democrats to pass the Secure the Border Act to end this Biden-created crisis,” the congressman said.

Kevin McCarthy
GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is eager to highlight the row over migrants among top Democratics such as Mayor Adams and President Biden.

McCarthy’s statement underscored the unified Democratic opposition to the proposed Secure The Border Act of 2023, legislation House Republicans crafted earlier this year to restart construction on the border wall and bolster security.

Republican former Vice President Mike Pence also praised Adams for standing up tp the White House, telling WABC 770 AM’s “Cats & Cosby Show” on Monday night, “I’ve got to do a hat tip to the mayor of New York, who’s been willing to call out President Joe Biden and his administration for their absolute failure to secure the southern border.”

But an Adams spokesman, Fabien Levy, tweeted in response to all the praise for his boss from very unexpected corners that Republicans helped create the immigration debacle.

The Post cover story
This New York Post front page perfectly captures the Biden administration’s response to the migration crisis in the Big Apple.

“Trump Republicans have done nothing in Congress to pass any kind of meaningful immigration reform, and that followed a Trump-Pence admin that prevented migrants from working,” Levy wrote.

“When given the chance to lead, neither @SpeakerMcCarthy nor @Mike_Pence were anywhere to be found,” the rep added.

Adams has repeatedly asked for federal assistance to address the mushrooming humanitarian crisis at his doorstep.

City homeless shelters have been stretched to their breaking point as the Big Apple contends with a mass influx of migrants, some of whom were shipped there from red states such as Texas, which have been eager to make liberal enclaves feel their pain.

Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams has not been shy about bashing President Biden over his handling of the immigration crisis.
Paul Martinka

Nearly 100,000 migrants have poured into New York City since last spring, according to data from City Hall.

In private, Adams has reportedly been known to bash Biden over what he describes as a vacuum of leadership on the border crisis, but Hizzoner has begun ratcheting up his criticism publicly as well.

In May, the Biden re-election campaign dropped Adams from its National Advisory Board after the mayor’s repeated dinging of the administration on immigration.

But Adams also personally has zinged Republicans over the issue.

“It is the irresponsibility of the Republican Party in Washington for refusing to do real immigration reform, and it’s the irresponsibility of the White House for not addressing this problem,” Adams said in May.

Joe Biden
President Biden has pinned some of the blame for the border woes on congressional Republicans.

The Biden administration has similarly traded blame with Republicans on immigration.

“The first bill I introduced was a comprehensive reform legislation on immigration,” Biden said at a conference with US mayors earlier this year, according to Fox News. “But because of some in the Congress, they refused to consider it. They found it a better issue to campaign on than an issue to solve.”

As has Adams, Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has sought more aggressive action from Biden to stem the crisis. But last week, Biden declined to meet with her during her visit to the White House.

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy noted that House Republicans passed the Secure The Border Act of 2023 earlier this year but that Senate Democrats haven’t taken any action on it yet.

Asylum seekers
Newly arrived asylum seekers have been pouring into New York City by the tens of thoussands.

Last month, progressive firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) mused that “immigration is arguably this administration’s weakest issue.” 

Other Democrat governors, such as Massachusetts’ Maura Healey, have sounded alarms about the crisis while declaring states of emergency.

During the last fiscal year, US Customs and Border Protection reported a record 2.4 million encounters at the border.

So far, there have been at least 1.7 million migrant encounters at the border during the first nine months of this current fiscal year, which is set to end this month.

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