‘Great admirer’: Victorian Senator Ralph Babet’s letter declaring support to former US president Donald Trump revealed | Englishheadline


Ralph Babet has declared his support to the legally-embattled Donald Trump.

The former United States president posted a letter penned by the Victorian Senator to his social media Truth Social on Friday.

Mr Babet, a Senator for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, wrote how “pleased” he was to see Trump running for re-election in 2024 and wished him “every success”.

“I have always been a great admirer of the United States. But to see the deterioration in American over the past four years has been truly heart breaking,” he wrote.

“Watching the way the Biden Administration has brought the US into disrepute around the world through weak leadership, both at home and abroad, has been devastating for lovers of freedom everywhere.

“America is meant to be a beacon of freedom and, I have no doubt, will be again under your leadership.”

Trump is currently embroiled in four criminal indictments and a number of civil lawsuits.

He is accused of allegedly attempting to overturn the 2020 election result, when he was voted out of office. He is the first president to be criminally indicted and have his mugshot taken.

Most recently, an American federal judge found Trump was liable for defaming E. Jean Carroll, who alleged he raped her in the 1990s.

Mr Babet said he could not “begin to image the forces aligned against” Trump.

“But I am confident that the American people will see through all of that to elect you once again as their President,” he wrote.

The Victorian Senator then assured the controversial billionaire he had “many friends in the Australian Parliament”.

“Australia may be a long way from the United States geographically, but we are not that far removed in terms of the issues we face,” he wrote.

“I believe it is not only in the US interest for you to be in the White House, but it is in the interest of freedom loving people everywhere.

“So please be encouraged that you have many friends in the Australian Parliament, not least of all me, who will be cheering you on in the Presidential campaign.”

Mr Babet was elected in 2020 and is a self-described “conservative and staunch patriot”. As a Senator, he receives a taxpayer-funded salary of at least $198,839 per annum.

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