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A MOTHER has cried out for help after her son went missing more than a month ago.

Tamecka Harris has described herself as “living in a nightmare” after her son’s disappearance.

Tamecka Harris, Corey Daniely’s mom, has been looking for answers on what happened to her son


Tamecka Harris, Corey Daniely’s mom, has been looking for answers on what happened to her sonCredit: ABC 30
Corey Daniely was last seen in the middle of the night leaving a person's home


Corey Daniely was last seen in the middle of the night leaving a person’s homeCredit: Facebook

Corey Daniely, 33, was dropped off at home in Kerman, California a month ago. A few days later, he was seen leaving the house at 3am before going radio silent.

“Corey is a very gifted, talented, a very positive individual. He’s a son. A brother. He’s a new dad. His son is almost two years old,” Harris told local ABC affiliate, KFSN-TV.

According to his mother, Daniely has always been a friendly person who could get along with anybody.

“I always say he can make up. He can make friends with a grasshopper or an ant. He finds the positive in everything, in everything,” said Harris.

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Harris, who doesn’t reside in California with her son, first knew something was wrong when he didn’t answer her text message.

“I sent them a happy birthday message again. No response. He didn’t even look at it, so kind of a red flag went up. This was on August 7, which was his birthday,” said Harris.

Her worrying intensified when she realized Daniely, who is a dedicated musician, didn’t appear at his own show.

“But when he did not show up for his show, that is, when I just it was like a nightmare for me,” said Harris.

No one has seen or heard from Daniely for a month, forcing authorities to reclassify his case as a missing person with suspicious circumstances.

“In this past month, we’ve sent search and rescue teams out there, we put deputies and volunteers, jeeps, drones, we’ve checked ponding basins, canals, all throughout that area, about a six or a seven-mile radius, and we’ve come up empty looking for Corey,” said Tony Botti, with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

On Wednesday, the authorities were able to search the home where Daniely was last seen, in hopes of finding hints of what could have happened to him.

“Until we can get information that’s different, we’re really at a loss right now to know where he went and why he disappeared,” said Botti.

Harris returned to California last week in hopes of finding her missing son.

“It was terrible. It was terrible. From the moment my flight was descending into California. It was a moment of dread for me because no parent wants to be coming to a location for that reason,” said Harris.

However, Harris left feeling defeated, still having concerns about what happened to her son.

“I was just talking to my son Cory in the atmosphere. Letting him know that Mama is here. I love you, and I’m never going to leave you. I promised you from birth that I would protect you,” she explained.

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“I am proud of you, and I am in your corner, and that will not stop. I will not stop until I either find you or I find out what happened to you.”

Anyone who knows anything about Daniely’s disappearance is asked to call Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

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