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SEASON 20 of Project Runway All-Stars is over – and the winner left fans crying with an emotional speech.

Bishme Cromartie is this season’s winner of Project Runway All-Stars, beating out runners-up Laurence Basse and Brittany Allen for the title along with the $250,000 award.

The designer left viewers in tears with his victory speech when he said he designed his final collection thinking of his late sister, Chimere Faye Didley, who passed away just before the competition started filming.

“I miss my sister so much and before she passed away she told me I was gonna win,” he recalled.

“All I had to do is just believe it and this right here just showcased to me everything I’ve been fighting for is worth it.”

Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their emotional reactions as one wrote: “I’m crying.. His sister is there. She’s so proud. Congrats!!!”

“I’m crying my eyeballs out right now!!!” another shared.

On top of the winning title and the cash prize, Bishme has won a mentorship with the Council of Fashion Designers of America as well as a feature in Elle Magazine.

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  • Eliminated from season 20: Rami Kashou

    Rami Kashou, a designer born in Jerusalem, is making a comeback on Project Runway’s All Stars competition.

    Known for his timeless aesthetic blending soft and hard elements, Rami first showcased his skills on season 4.

    With his avant-garde approach and attention to detail, he has made the top five this season after escaping elimination by compelling Christian Siriano to use his save.

  • Bishme breaks into tears

    Bishme sobs as he thanks the judges for his win and says that he misses his sister so much.

    His mom is shown sobbing in the audience.

    “Everything I’ve been fighting for is worth it,” Bishme says.

    He says that he owes this win to his sister.

  • The winner is…

    BISHME CROMARTIE wins season 20 of Project Runway.

  • Fans predict Bishme as the winner

    Project Runway viewers predict that Bishme is going to win this season.

  • Laurence takes leather to the next level

    After saying hi to her daughter, Laurence says that this collection is representative of her and where she’s from.

    Laurence says: “If you understand this collection then you get to understand a little bit of who I am.”

    She adds that she wants to “take leather to a whole new level.”

  • Bishme’s mom shown crying

    As Bishme’s last look of the collection is shown, Bishme’s mom is shown in tears in the audience.

    Bishme says: “I don’t know if anyone could handle what I handled literally days before the show.”

  • ‘From gym to night’

    Billy Porter says that Brittany’s collection is “from gym to night.”

    “I have exceeded every expectation I have for myself,” Brittany says.

  • Brittany introduces her collection

    Brittany’s collection is called Pop-gression – which features activewear, Brittany’s specialty.

    “I hope you love it as much as you love making it,” Brittany says.

    She thanks her husband and Fabio, who she “could not have made this collection

  • Brandon is absent

    Judge Brandon Maxwell is absent from tonight’s finale, but Billy Porter is taking his place.

    Zac Posen is tonight’s guest judge.

  • Workroom time is over

    The designers are done with the workroom – meaning the designing stage is over for this season of Project Runway All-Stars.

    Laurence said leaving the workroom is “bittersweet” and that she’s nervous but excited for the runway.

  • Bishme breaks down

    While preparing for the show, Bishme goes outside to take a breath and breaks down in tears in a confessional while saying he’s still grieving his sister.

    As he designs his eight looks, Bishme has hung his sister’s obituary on the workroom’s wall.

  • Models are picked

    Brittany gets to pick first – and chooses MIMI TAO as her model for the final show.

    Fans are taking to X to sing MiMi’s praise.

  • All Stars return!

    The final three are each getting $10,000 and can shop from anywhere in the fashion district.

    And three designers are returning: Fabio, Kara Saun, and Prajje.

    Bishme chooses to work with Prajje, while Laurence chooses Kara Saun.

    Brittany says she chooses Fabio “of course.”

  • Tune in now!

    The finale of Project Runway All Stars starts NOW on Bravo!

    Tune in to see the final three compete to win with their last runway looks.

  • How to watch

    Project Runway All Stars airs live every Thursday night on Bravo.

    It can also be streamed on Hulu Live, Sling TV, and fuboTv.

  • What to expect tonight

    Tonight is the finale of Project Runway All Stars season 20!

    Bishme Cromartie, Laurence Basse, and Brittany Allen made it to the top three and are competing for the title.

    Whoever wins the competition will walk away with $250,000, a mentorship with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and a feature in Elle Magazine.

    Nina Garcia and Elaine Welterworth are joined by guest judges Billy Porter and Zac Posen.

    Christian Siriano is hosting the event and will be mentoring the finalists on their last looks.

  • Rami was eliminated last week

    Rami was eliminated last week in a decision that upset many fans.

    One viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “I’m done with this show. Are you serious?! Rami not making it to the finale is disgusting.”

    Another slammed Brittany: “I wish Project Runway had online voting because keeping Brittany instead of Rami is a huge mistake. Brittany should have been eliminated on the modesty challenge. Ridiculous. Get better judges.”

    A third wrote: “The way we’re all PISSED Rami didn’t make the #ProjectRunway finale. I think Brittany is a good designer but she rarely does anything fresh.

    “I’m already bored thinking of her collection. Rami’s signature is draping but he tries to do it in new ways. I wanted to see his collection”

  • Meet guest judge Zac Posen

    Zac Posen was born in New York City in 1980 and was raised in SoHo.

    He fell in love with fashion at a young age, enrolling in a precollege program at Parsons School of Design at 16 years old.

    Posen interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and graduated from the University of Arts London with a degree in Art and Design.

    Naomi Campbell requested to wear one of his designs while he was still a student and he caught the attention of Anna Wintour early in his career.

    He has designed uniforms for Delta Air Lines, is the creative director for the Brooks Brothers women’s line, has designed for multiple actresses, and was a consistent judge on Project Runway.

    Posen is returning to the show tonight to judge the finale of All Stars.

  • More on guest juge Billy Porter

    In addition to his musical theater and television careers, Billy Porter is an activist.

    He was diagnosed in 2007 as HIV positive and opened up about his health in 2021 to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Porter is also known or his impeccable style, which landed him a spot as a guest judge in tonight’s finale of Project Runway All Stars.

  • Meet tonight’s guest judge

    Billy Porter is joining the judges’ panel tonight as a special finale guest.

    The Broadway star was born in Pennsylvania and is an alum from Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts, majoring in Drama.

    He also has a certification from the graduate-level Professional Program in screenwriting at UCLA.

    Billy made his Broadway debut in the 1994 Broadway revival of Grease! and has gone on to star in multiple productions over the years, including Smokey Joe’s Cafe.

    He won a Grammy in 2014 for Best Musical Theatre Album for his work in Kinky Boots.

    Billy has also made appearances in Law & Order, Pose, and American Horror Story.

  • Meet the season 18 winner of Project Runway

    Geoffrey Mac made his big debut on Project Runway 20 years after he graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

    He was named the winner of season 18 but had established his success prior to competing on Project Runway by dressing celebrities including, Lady GagaMadonna, Bjork, and Kesha.

    He originally applied to be on Project Runway in 2004, and when he was offered to compete in season 18, he accepted with a degree of uncertainty and anxiety.

    “I had a lot of anxiety around the competition. I am not only an incredibly competitive person but also a very private person,” Mac said in an exclusive interview with Culturess Magazine.

    “My nerves gave me panic for the first half of the competition. Eventually, I got into the flow and began to gain confidence and calm down.”

  • Meet your top three: Bishme Cromartie

    Bishme Cromartie is a designer originally from season 17 of Project Runway.

    Bishme is excited to showcase his evolved design skills and embrace the camaraderie with fellow fan favorites. 

    Known for his avant-garde take on streetwear, Bishme’s intentional designs reflect his growth as a designer. 

    Bishme made it to the top five this season.

  • Meet your top three: Laurence Basse

    Laurence Basse, originally from season 15, is an iconic designer on Project Runway.

    With a fearless and avant-garde approach, Laurence redefines fashion through body-inclusive designs while maintaining sustainability. 

    Her creativity and unique sensibilities make them a constant inspiration, and their biggest success is seeing their line on real women. 

    She won episode six, “Like Totally 90s,” and revealed that she faced struggles during that era which led her to a career in fashion.

  • Meet your top three: Brittany Allen

    Brittany Allen, a designer from Fort Smith, Arkansas, was featured in Project Runway season 18.

    She became well known for her unique style and creative vision for beautiful and functional activewear.

    Brittany’s love for fashion started at a young age, and her passion led her to pursue a career in design.

  • More on Season 19 winner Shantall Lacayo

    Lacayo is a Managua-born designer who has made a name for herself and is considered to be a “pioneer” in Central America, according to her website.

    Art was in Lacayo’s life for as long as she can remember. Her mother owned an art gallery: Museo-Galeria Genesis.

    At only 6 years old, Lacayo designed her first dress, and ten years later she scored a place as a designer for a dance production company, Compañía de Danza Ilusiones.

    She made her debut in the design world in 2010 when she was selected to be a contestant on Project Runway Latin America. She made it to the last round and received second place, but strived for more.

    It was after competing on Project Runway that she and her mother, Lauren Lacayo, created their business Shantall Lacayo Designs, S.A.

    The two now work closely together to create a brand worth remembering.

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