Airfare prices could start coming down by end of 2024 | Englishheadline


Aviation expert Keith Tonkin says Australians could see airfares come down by the end of 2024, however are unlikely to be as cheap as before COVID-19.

“The fares are too high at the moment and competition will bring those prices down,” he told Englishheadline Australia.

“I think domestic were seeing numbers return to pre-COVID … but internationally were not quite there.

“Generally it’s expected that by the end of next year, we’ll be back to having the same sort of number of aircraft taking off and landing.

“Then it’s a matter of whether the oil price returns back to normal because it’s quite high at the moment.

“Some of the other drivers of costs are causing those fares to be higher than they were previously and we probably won’t return to those due to the inflationary environment we are in, but more competition will bring those fares down.”

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