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SLEEPING in a car instead of renting is getting more and more popular as rent prices and living costs soar.

While it can be convenient and thousands of dollars cheaper per month, one of the key items that not a lot of people consider is safety.

After living in her car for two years, YouTuber MotherNATEur discovered she was sleeping unsafely the whole time


After living in her car for two years, YouTuber MotherNATEur discovered she was sleeping unsafely the whole timeCredit: YouTube/MotherNATEur
Instead of having the passenger's seat pushed forward, she altered the driver's seat


Instead of having the passenger’s seat pushed forward, she altered the driver’s seatCredit: YouTube/MotherNATEur

As YouTuber MotherNATEur finds out, it’s easy to get comfortable once you get the hang of things and slip up.

“I’ve been living in my car for almost two years and I’ve been sleeping in this thing wrong the whole time,” she said.

“I’m about to go on a cross-country road trip and I need to change the way I’ve been sleeping in here for safety precautions.”

She tells her viewers that the way she used to sleep was with her driver’s seat tilted forward, and she’d be lying diagonally across the back.

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However, she quickly realized that in the event of an emergency and she needed to quickly exit the scene, having the driver’s seat altered is dangerous.

So, to remedy that, she switched things up.

“Now, I’m going to sleep with the passenger seat tilted forward and see how quickly I can get to the front in case of a, you know, emergency,” she remarked.

Once she tried out the new seat configuration, she found it to be a lot handier than having the driver’s seat compromised.

“It was a lot smoother than I expected,” she said. “You can call me the smooth operator.”

And that’s for the better, as living in your car puts you at a higher risk for things that wouldn’t be as much of a risk in an apartment.

With thinner walls and windows, it’s a lot easier for thieves or those with ill intentions to reach you, or large animals like bears.

With this tip, hopefully, others living out of their car will leave their driver’s seats ready for quick access.

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