Chinese spies in UK prompts fear in Australia’s parliament | Englishheadline


There are now calls for Australian MPs on defence and intelligence committees to be screened by security after an alleged Chinese spy posing as a parliamentary aide in the UK was arrested by British police.

Shadow Home Affairs and Cyber Security Minister James Paterson says the alleged Chinese spy in the UK poses a “real threat” and it’s possible Australia is at risk of the same danger.

“The vast majority of staff who work for parliamentarians are not security cleared,” Mr Paterson told Englishheadline Australia.

“It’s only ministerial staff who are vetted but if you’re working for a government backbencher or an opposition shadow minister or indeed an opposition backbencher, you are not to typically vetted.

“Even if you’re boss is the member of the intelligence and security committee or indeed the new statutory defence committee which will be established to oversee things like AUKUS.”

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