Prince Harry draws criticism after neglecting to meet with family during UK visit | Englishheadline


News Corp columnist Louise Roberts says there’s no meeting between Prince Harry and his family while visiting the United Kingdom, which has drawn criticism.

Ms Roberts’ remarks come after Prince Harry neglected to visit his father or brother while on a recent trip to the UK, in a move which has left commentators shocked.

“There was no meeting with his father, there was no meeting with his brother – his brother was 100 miles away, we’re led to believe,” Ms Roberts told Englishheadline host Caroline Di Russo.

“There was no opportunity for Archie and Lilibet to see their grandfather, as well, the King.

“There was plenty of opportunity for Harry to bring the family … and sort of make it a very special event for the King a year on from the death of the Queen, but, of course, nothing.”

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