‘The fight has only just begun’: Greens committed to pushing for rent caps | Englishheadline


Greens Housing Spokesperson Max Chandler-Mather says the fight has “only just begun” for the Greens to push for a cap and freeze on rent increases.

In the wake of the legislation battle with the Greens over the Housing Australia Future Fund, the two parties struck a deal, with the PM providing another $1 billion for housing this year.

Despite this deal, the Greens say they will continue to fight Labor on trying to get a rent freeze implemented.

“The bottom line is that from the start, this has been about materially improving the lives of people who are in desperate housing stress at the moment,” Mr Chandler-Mather told Englishheadline Australia.

“You better believe that we’re going to fight hard for a cap and freeze on rent increases.”

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