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An Aldi shopper has fired shots at the retailer after finding something rather odd in his loaf of bread, when he was already halfway through eating it. The long-time Aldi customer claims product quality and control has been sliding at the supermarket, despite prices rising substantially in recent weeks.

“I have always been a loyal customer of Aldi because of their good prices,” the Melbourne dad explained to Yahoo News Australia, saying he usually shops at the Springvale store. “However, they seem to be getting expensive, and I’ve had a lot of issues with their products recently. Latest was with one of their bread products, which retails close to $4 nowadays, a hike from $2.75 some time back.”

Loaf of bread from Aldi with scrunched-up plastic bread bag inside

The Aldi shopper was appalled by his unexpected find. Source: Supplied

The electrical engineer went on to reveal exactly what he’d found in his kitchen buy. “When I got to halfway through the bread, I noticed another old dirty plastic bag stuffed inside the bread that I was eating,” he explained, providing pictures of the offending loaf. “I was utterly disgusted and nearly vomited.”

‘Terrible, disgusting products’

He hadn’t noticed the second bag when selecting the loaf, he said, as it was tightly packed and obscured by the outer bag. “I didn’t realise because the plastic packaging was dark green and not transparent,” he said. “It was hidden underneath the dark green plastic colour and flattened out, so it was difficult to notice.”

“Just thought I’d put it out there so Aldi can see that they can’t just charge more for terrible, disgusting products,” he vented.

The disgruntled customer added that he’d bought sub-standard products from Aldi in the past. “I have bought items that were rotten from day one,” he claimed. “Examples are peaches, cheese and even bread. I just sometimes disregard these issues so I chuck out the items and forget about it.”

Aldi declined to comment on the matter, but encourages customers to provide product feedback directly to them. Aldi shoppers can return any product they are not satisfied with for a full refund or replacement.

Scrunched up plastic bread bag from Aldi

Halfway through his loaf, the Melbourne dad found a scrunched up plastic bread bag. Source: Supplied

Aldi fans turn on supermarket

This incident comes on the back of a wave of dissent from once-loyal Aldi fans, who have voiced their dissatisfaction with retailer. “I remember when Aldi used to be cheaper,” wrote one unhappy customer on the discount grocer’s Facebook page. “Sadly it isn’t anymore.”

Aldi seems to be listening though. “Hi there, we hear you,” came the supermarket’s reply. “Unfortunately sometimes we have to increase prices due to rising production costs. However, even when prices do go up, we are committed to offering the lowest possible prices in the market. That is our promise to you.”

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