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DOZENS of international students who were left homeless after traveling thousands of miles for school have reportedly secured temporary housing through their college. 

Between 50 and 100 international students – many hailing from India – came to an agreement over temporary housing with Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario, Canada last week. 

A group of international students were living in tenants after not securing affordable housing


A group of international students were living in tenants after not securing affordable housingCredit: CCTV News
They recently came to an agreement with their college for temporary housing


They recently came to an agreement with their college for temporary housingCredit: CCTV News

Canadore confirmed with CTV News that the housing had been secure, saying “Canadore continues to work with all students to find appropriate accommodation.” 

The Montreal Youth Students Organization (MYSO) also told the outlet that the college is housing students in a hotel in the city until September 30. 

The move followed a multi-day protest by many of the students affected by the lack of housing. 

Over a dozen international students pitched tents outside near campus and lived in them overnight starting on September 5. 

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All students that took part in the protest are currently being housed by the college, according to CTV News. 

Khushpal Grewal, a MYSO representative, told the outlet that while the students are in the temporary housing, they will also have their meals covered. 

On Thursday, the organization said it was giving the college “three business days” to come up with a permanent solution, otherwise protests would start up again. 

As of Tuesday, a further solution had not been publicly announced.

Previously, the college said it had been communicating with students about the tough and expensive housing market in the area since January. 

“Some students have refused the housing options presented to them, but we continue to work with those who want assistance on a case-by-case basis to find housing,” the college said in a statement

During last week’s protests, the international students explained that the current housing offered by the university is nowhere near affordable. 

Some told the National Post that as international students, they pay $14,000 for tuition and would incur costs of approximately $700 to $1,600 per month for housing. 

The students are calling on the college to lower that range to around $250 to $640 per month.

“We never expected accommodation problems when we arrived,” student Manpreet Kaur, said to the outlet.

“The college residences are full and there are no suitable accommodations. We are staying in the tent as of Tuesday.”

She continued: “It’s cold in the night.”

Canadore College did not immediately respond to The US Sun’s request for comment.

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