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AN influencer has offered an insight into her routine working a 9-5 corporate job while living off-grid.

The content creator told how her husband quit his job before they bought the land outright and set up camp.

A content creator has offered fans a glimpse into how she lives off-grid


A content creator has offered fans a glimpse into how she lives off-gridCredit: TikTok/sunnysarahanne
The influencer has set up her workstation so she can do her project coordinator job


The influencer has set up her workstation so she can do her project coordinator jobCredit: TikTok/sunnysarahanne

The TikToker (@sunnysarahanne) has given fans a glimpse into her life living in a tent on a plot of land in New Mexico.

Her husband used the money from his Roth IRA to make the move and bought an off-road used vehicle for the land.

In a viral video, she revealed that the start of her day consists of a dog walk before her husband makes her coffee and sets up the Wi-Fi.

The influencer, a project coordinator, set up her workstation from inside the tent and it consists of a keyboard and a laptop that is resting on a wooden unit.

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Meanwhile, she works from an exercise ball.

She shared a clip of her husband setting up the solar panels so the couple could get their electricity supply for the day.

The influencer revealed they use Starlink to get Wi-Fi and said they had to save up for it before the tech was installed.

She said the equipment costs around $600 and the couple pays $120 a month.

But, the influencer has incorporated exercise into her day-to-day life as she was seen doing different workouts.

She said that she swore by her “stepper,” adding: “It’s all I do to work out and abs and I going for walks.”

The off-grid enthusiast told how she hopped onto work meetings before she was seen topping up her tan and reading her book.

Her day-in-the-life montage concluded with a fire crackling at the site while her husband swung from a hammock that was connected to two branches.

The influencer was bombarded with questions and revealed that the couple lived in a canvas walls tent that cost $1,400 after tax.

Fans have been left curious by the influencer’s insight into off-grid living and asked questions relating to how she showers and does her laundry.

Responding to one viewer, the influencer said they do their laundry around once a week.

In another video, the influencer has shown fans what her morning routine is before starting work.

She was seen having a walk in the campground before playing on a swing.

She said: “I still can’t get over that we live 30 minutes from a national park!”

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Influencers have resorted to living off-grid in a bid to save money.

TikToker Paige Herald (@paige_herald) told how her family was “trading in” their $2,500 rent payment to live in a tent full-time.

The TikToker works from inside the tent


The TikToker works from inside the tentCredit: TikTok/sunnysarahanne
She said she couldn't get over living just minutes from a national park


She said she couldn’t get over living just minutes from a national parkCredit: TikTok/sunnysarahanne

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