‘Spare me’: Barnaby Joyce slams Labor pushing renewables which ‘end up in landfill’ | Englishheadline


Shadow Veterans Affairs Minister Barnaby Joyce says the Coalition does support a transition to nuclear energy.

His comments come after the Nationals Party spent the weekend debating their Net Zero policy which resulted in a vote to keep the target set at 2050.

“I am very glad of that because nuclear would mean you don’t have to build the transmission lines back and forth over people’s properties across the nation at the cost of tens, I’d say in the end, hundreds of billions of dollars,” he told Englishheadline host Chris Kenny.

“There is nothing renewable about a wind factory or a solar factory – they end up in landfill.

“In the Ontario studies, they quite clearly say that wind is 50 per cent dearer than nuclear and solar is 400 per cent dearer than nuclear, so please spare me CSIRO.”

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