The Albanese government’s housing agenda is ‘broad and ambitious’ | Englishheadline


Treasurer Jim Chalmers says the Albanese government’s housing agenda is “broad and ambitious”.

Mr Chalmers’ remarks come after Labor struck a deal with the Greens on the Housing Australia Future Fund to pass the bill through the Senate.

The minor party has held out on providing their support to the government’s housing policy until their demands of stronger rental restrictions and an increase in annual housing spending were met, which led to a months-long stalemate within parliament.

“So, the first part is to build more housing and get more supply so that we can address this longstanding challenge in our economy,” Mr Chalmers said during Question Time on Tuesday.

“Our job, and we embrace this enthusiastically, is to work for Australia to continue to build new homes in our economy, in our communities, and we’ll keep doing that despite the negative and nasty and angry politics played by those opposite.”

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