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Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, whose infamous partnership with Bud Light continues to haunt the brand months after causing widespread backlash, said it would be “epic” to eventually star in a beer commercial at the Super Bowl.

Earlier this year, it was revealed Bud Light sent a special can of beer featuring Mulvaney’s face as a way to celebrate a full year of “girlhood.”

The transgender celebrity said the cans were her “most prized possession” on Instagram with a post featuring “#budlightpartner,” and later posted a video drinking Bud Light in a bathtub.

The online promo was met with significant backlash, with some social media users describing the campaign as the latest attempt to push gender propaganda.

Bud Light getting 'more and more patronising' in attempt to win back customers

Parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev reported a steep drop in profits as a result and Beer Business Daily publisher Harry Schuhmacher recently told Fox News Digital “those consumers are just lost forever.”

But Mulvaney believes the ordeal has been a “good wake-up call” and envisions starring in a beer ad on a much larger platform.

“Maybe it’d be epic… if in like ten years I got to do a beer commercial for a Super Bowl,” Mulvaney said during a lengthy interview with The Cut.

While the Bud Light partnership is likely to go down in marketing history as an utter debacle, a progressive beer company poking fun at the ordeal in a high-priced Super Bowl ad would certainly make a splash.

The Cut interview also referred to Mulvaney as a “queer heroine,” detailed the influencer’s recently redecorated home, listed celebrities Mulvaney idolizes including Meghan Markle and Jill Biden, cited a poll that claimed Mulvaney has a “higher favorability rating than Ron DeSantis,” and weighed the pros and cons of editing Mulvaney’s nipples from a photo before it hit Instagram.

The Cut also offered readers a step-by-step account of Mulvaney’s rise to fame.

'Hopefully lesson learned': Bud Light disaster an example of 'how not to market your brand'

Mulvaney recently bemoaned the “extreme amount of transphobia and hate” against the transgender community while speaking at an awards show for content creators.

While accepting the “Breakout Creator” award at the 2023 Streamy Awards in August, Mulvaney hinted at the fallout beer company Anheuser-Busch faced.

“My life has been changed for the better,” Mulvaney said at the Streamys. “But on the flipside, there’s also been an extreme amount of transphobia and hate, and I know that my community is feeling it, and I know that even our allies are feeling it.”

Desperate Bud Light launches ‘cringey’ comeback

Mulvaney encouraged the fellow content creators in the room to stand up “publicly and proudly” for the transgender community.

Anheuser-Busch InBev reported a drop in profits as a result of the Mulvaney partnership, with U.S. revenue dropping 10.5% in the second quarter, while earnings before taxes, interest and depreciation fell 28.2%. The company has laid off hundreds of workers amid the fallout.

FOX Business’ Madeline Coggins and Fox News’ Kristine Parks contributed to this report.

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