‘Life-changing information’: Bunnings Warehouse customers urged to keep receipts for plants following exposure of lesser-known refund policy | Englishheadline


A policy that has been in place at Bunnings Warehouse stores for years has just been discovered by hundreds of customers after a TikTok video shed light on the “hack”.

The policy – dubbed Perfect Plant Promise – is a guarantee from the hardware giant that was implemented in 2020.

TikTok user georgiamagill uploaded a video on Tuesday which has since amassed almost 800,00 views, revealing she had just learned of the policy which allows customers to return plants within a 12-month period if they die.

“I was in Bunnings today and as I was checking out the lady was like ‘make sure you keep your receipt on your plants’ and I was like ‘why’,” she said.

“And she was like ‘Oh because they come with a 12-month warranty’ and then she goes ‘It doesn’t really matter how they die, we’ll just replace them for you within a 12-month period’.

“Do you know the amount of plants that have died on me? This is life-changing information.”

Bunnings’ website states all their plants are “guaranteed for 12 months, so if you’re not 100 per cent happy, return your plant (with receipt) and we’ll refund it”.

The Promise however does not apply to seedlings, including flower and vegetable seedlings as well as potted colour (bloomers) which are short-lived plants that are not expected to live longer than three to five months in the garden.

Several commenters expressed their shock about first hearing of the policy including some Bunnings employees themselves.

“Hahaha omg I am so glad!!! I bought some plants and I know they will die in a few weeks. At least I know I can replace,” a customer said.

“Random I’ve worked at Bunnings for a year and a bit and I’ve never heard of this,” one employee said.

“I literally have worked at Bunnings for a few years and I didn’t know this,” another employee admitted.

Some employees however were already aware of the policy and added further advice.

“Bunnings employee here. Just need your receipt, said dead plant AND the pot it came in. Happy gardening,” one said.

“I work at Bunnings and it’s written above the registers in the nursery, people just don’t seem to look up hahaha,” another said.

Other customers revealed they had already been aware of the policy and that it had a huge effect on their plant purchasing.

“Yup, used this hack a couple of years ago for dead plants. They were planted and everything and we bought them back and they refunded us the money!” one said.

“Yes! I found this out 12 months ago… life changing!!!” another added.

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