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FANS have shared concerns for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s daughter Ember after a sad decision was made regarding her schooling method.

The Little People, Big World stars have raised eyebrows over their controversial parenting methods for years.

Audrey shared photos from her daughter Ember's first day of Kindergarten


Audrey shared photos from her daughter Ember’s first day of KindergartenCredit: Instagram/audreyroloff
The TV star revealed that her little girl would be 'homeschooled'


The TV star revealed that her little girl would be ‘homeschooled’Credit: Instagram/audreyroloff
Fans slammed Audrey and Jeremy for not allowing Ember a 'proper' education


Fans slammed Audrey and Jeremy for not allowing Ember a ‘proper’ educationCredit: Instagram/audreyroloff

Now Jeremy, 33, and Audrey, 32, have added to fan concerns after sharing a photo of their daughter Ember, six, on her first day of school.

The reality star mom took to her Instagram Stories recently to post a picture of her little girl as she prepared for her first day in Kindergarten.

Ember sat on a brick ledge, smiling at the camera while showing off her adorable outfit for the occasion.

The tiny tot sported a white floral dress with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, a big white hair bow, pink socks, and white Mary Janes.

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The little girl grinned brightly while showing off an electric pink backpack and a large black chalkboard to her left.

The sign read: “Ember’s First Day Kindergarten.”

Underneath, in smaller letters, the word: “Homeschool” was written.

The message continued on to say that Ember was “six years old”, and she “loves Alpacas, swimming, playing in the mud, the fair, our family, Aspen, Pine, and the chickens.”

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The sign added that the little girl wants to be an “artist and bookmaker” when she grows up and that her teacher is “mommy +.”

But fans were astounded that the tiny tot was attending kindergarten via homeschooling as she previously went to preschool at an established institution.


Several took to Reddit to discuss Jeremy and Audrey’s decision to teach their eldest child from their home.

“Poor kid,” one put shortly, while a second remarked: “Wonder why or what pushed her to do it. They can easily afford a private school. I think is so they don’t have to get up early and go to school.”

“Didn’t she go to a preschool a few years ago? Why homeschool?? I see too many people thinking they can do this,” a third argued.

“She deserves a proper education. Very sad,” a fourth slammed.

“This. Poor. Child,” a fifth wrote, while a final complained: “Poor baby. If only she had somebody educated to teach her.”


Jeremy and Audrey have been under scrutiny regarding their parenting methods for years.

Over the weekend, the couple was slammed again – this time for putting their young daughter in a potentially dangerous situation.

Audrey shared a new video of her husband, Jeremy Roloff, speeding down the dirt path behind their rural home on an ATV.

As dad kicked up dirt, sitting behind him was six-year-old Ember, turning around and waving at her camera-toting mom.

Jeremy hardly kept his eyes on the road, nor his hands on the wheel, as he stared at some surrounding foliage.

But Audrey tried to justify in the caption: “Lots of trips back and forth from Gigi and Papa’s to our house every day.”

Fans were less interested in their destination, and more concerned for the fact little Ember was holding on without a helmet, or any other kind of visible protection.

“Why isn’t this kid wearing a helmet?” one person begged to know in an online chat room.

Another tacked on: “That also looks like quite a slope, so Ember’s going to be tilting backward. Dad has handlebars to grip onto but Ember only has Dad’s loose t-shirt to grasp.”

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A third cautioned: “This is exactly how kids are hurt and killed all the time.”

While a fourth warned: “… If that rolls, she’s dead. Why would they even risk that?! It doesn’t matter how slow. The thing would crush her.”

Jeremy and Audrey have been slammed for their parenting methods


Jeremy and Audrey have been slammed for their parenting methodsCredit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram
They recently allowed Ember to ride on a four-wheeler without a helmet


They recently allowed Ember to ride on a four-wheeler without a helmetCredit: Instagram/@audreyroloff

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