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Borders bunk

MANY on the Left would fling our borders open to all-comers, legal or not.

It makes them feel warm, diverse and inclusive.

Under Sir Keir Starmer's new 'refugee' plan, we would almost certainly take in MORE migrants than currently arrive


Under Sir Keir Starmer’s new ‘refugee’ plan, we would almost certainly take in MORE migrants than currently arriveCredit: PA

They think smirking lads clambering triumphantly off dinghies from France are “refugees”.

Sceptics are “racist”.

We commend Keir Starmer for challenging such infantile, deluded extremism.

It’s as “un-British”, as he says, as wanting our borders closed, even to those genuinely in need.

It is good too to see Labour, after years blindly opposing Tory efforts to resolve the small boats crisis, finally produce its alternative.

It is, sadly, pretty dismal.

An entirely theoretical new deal with the EU would see them take back our illegal arrivals while our cops are somehow allowed to patrol French soil to nail the smugglers.

Inevitably we, in return, would have a hefty percentage of the EU’s illegal migrants forced on us.

Starmer would thus gift Brussels ­staggering leverage, despite Brexit, to dictate the UK’s immigration levels.

We would almost certainly take in MORE than currently arrive.

Only Labour Remainers in the Westminster cocoon could imagine that the small boats crisis is solely one of migrants being in peril in the Channel.

Voters’ main objection is that ­hundreds are cheating their way into Britain every day, costing us billions.

They want it stopped, not increased.

But there would be no Rwanda scheme.

No asylum ban on illicit arrivals.

Labour would grant a new life to maybe 100,000 a year, their reward for sneaking illegally into the EU . . . and a gold-embossed invitation to others.

It is a convoluted fantasy hatched out of desperation because the only truly effective remedy, as our National Crime Agency concedes, is a deterrent and Starmer simply cannot stomach that.

Let us not overlook, though, the chaos the Tories are presiding over: Hotels overflowing, a barge empty, asylum claims with zero merit rubber-stamped.

Labour might well make that worse . . . hard though that is to imagine.

Down the train

IMAGINE this sales pitch for HS2: “We wish to upgrade the rail line from the West London outskirts to Birmingham but no further. This will take us 20 years and cost £70billion.”

It would have been laughed out of the room.

But that looks like where this rolling catastrophe now is.

The Sun knew it would be a vast ­money-pit — an instant white elephant in an age of video-conferencing and AI.

Billions could yet be saved scrapping it.

They could fund tax cuts.

Do it, Rishi. Cut our losses.

Packet in

WE have endured many cost-of-living hardships. But shrunken Jaffas?

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Friend of 21-year-old speaks out after Tennessee mom vanishes during boat trip

To sneakily save food giants a few bob?

Come off it, McVitie’s. That’s crummy.

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