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HUMAN remains have been discovered at a surfing beach in Tasmania.

The skeleton was found along with clothing and other personal belongings on the Australian island state of Tasmania.

A shoe and other items were found with the remains


A shoe and other items were found with the remainsCredit: Tas Police
A cigarette lighter was among personal belongings uncovered


A cigarette lighter was among personal belongings uncoveredCredit: Tas Police

Cops fear the remains of a man could have been left uncovered for up to 30 years.

They were unearthed by a horrified resident on a clifftop between Clifton Beach and Goats Beach on July 6.

Inspector Andrew Keane said despite lengthy forensic analysis, detectives have not been able to identify the remains.

He said: “Preliminary forensic analysis determined the remains belong to a man of caucasian or Indian sub-continental descent, most likely to be middle aged.

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“It is believed the remains may have been at the location for at least five to 30 years.”

Police have released images of a shoe, short sleeve T-shirt and a cigarette lighter found with the remains.

Inspector Keane added: “The remains were located in an area along with pair of black dress shoes, a short sleeve top and a plastic bag containing two keys on a keychain, a cigarette lighter, and two possible ID cards.

“Of note, the right shoe had several store-bought orthotics in the heel.

“A lengthy forensic analysis has been conducted which confirmed the remains are human, but unfortunately, an identification has not yet been made.”

Police are set to do further in-depth forensic analysis in a bid to identify the remains.

Inspector Keane said: “There are no indications of violence, however, police protocols are to treat this matter as suspicious until evidence rules otherwise.”

Anyone with information that would help police identify the man is asked to contact Bellerive Police on 131 444 and quote ESCAD 62-06072023.

A short sleeve top was also found at the scene


A short sleeve top was also found at the sceneCredit: Tas Police

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