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A FATHER and his one-year-old daughter were evicted from their mobile home park, but he insists they’re not leaving the property until he receives the $10,000 he was promised.

Miguel Medina, a father of one who moved to the Jamison Mobile Home Park residences in Greensboro, North Carolina, last year, must now find a new place to live.

The Jamison Mobile Home Park residences are located in Greensboro, North carolina


The Jamison Mobile Home Park residences are located in Greensboro, North carolinaCredit: Google Maps
Medina claims he has not yet received his money


Medina claims he has not yet received his moneyCredit: Getty

However, Medina, who originally planned to renovate a mobile home for a financially stable future, has opened up about his predicament in a recent interview, revealing he’s waiting on money before he leaves.

He told North Carolina’s FM public radio station WFDD: “The owner of the trailer park, we haven’t received any answers from her about supporting us financially.

“We also haven’t heard anything from the people who want to buy the lot. Right now, only the city will be assisting us.

“Some of the neighbors have already moved and my family and I are only waiting for the money from the city to do the same.”

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The news outlet explains how residents of the mobile park home received an eviction notice last July, informing them they needed to vacate their homes by September.

However, mobile property owners must legally give 180 days of notice for people living on their land, according to WFDD.

Thankfully, an organization advocating for Latino communities was able to step in and get the tenants more time, prompting Siembra N. Greensboro Mayor Vaughan to extend the eviction date.

Medina explained: “The lawyers told us that since the owner sees that we’re moving, they didn’t give us an exact date this month to move because they see that we’re all leaving.”

Residents informed the news outlet they were never directly spoken to by the mobile home buyer Owls Roost or Family Properties.

Nikki Marín Baena with Siembra NC pointed out how it’s been taking some time for residents to look for a new home.

Baena told WFDD: “So there are conversations happening that include a lawyer for the developer, a lawyer for the seller, a lawyer for the residents, people from the Greensboro Housing Coalition, and people from the neighborhood development department.

“In these phone calls, like everyone’s top priority is getting the residents the help they need in a timely fashion and also avoiding eviction proceedings.”

Even though the City of Greensboro is paying the moving costs, one resident doesn’t think that’s enough help.

Meily Molina, a resident of the park for 15 years, complained it could take three to size months for her trailer to be moved and installed.

Molina also noted how the city of Greensboro promises to give the residents $10,000 in moving costs, but a date on when the money will be sent hasn’t been revealed.

And the refund plan or process was not confirmed by city officials to WFDD.

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Molina is now preparing to leave and looking for a new place of residence while her trailer home is relocated.

The Sun reached out to Owls Roost and Family Properties for comment but did not receive an immediate reply.

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