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Foreign Minister Penny Wong has paid tribute to Mahsa Amini on the anniversary of her death, calling on Iran to “listen to the voice of its people”. 

Mahsa Amini, 22, was visiting the capital Tehran from the Kurdish region when she was arrested September 13 by morality officers for not wearing her hijab in accordance with government standards.

While at a police station, she collapsed, fell into a coma and died in hospital three days later.

Authorities have claimed Ms Amini died as a result of “natural causes”, but both her family and eyewitnesses allege officers had beaten her. 

Her arrest and death sparked widespread protests across Iran with many women abandoning or destroying their hijabs in defiance.

A crackdown on the demonstrations has resulted in almost 500 people killed and more than 22,000 people detained by security forces.

On the first anniversary of Ms Amini’s death, Senator Wong called for action from the Iranian government, reiterating the “Woman, Life, Freedom” protest slogan in solidarity of Iranian women who continue to protest for their fundamental human rights. 

“Today, we remember Mahsa Jina Amini. And again call on Iran to listen to the voices of its people,” she wrote in a tweet. 

“Zan. Zendegi. Azadi. Woman. Life. Freedom.”

The post included vision of Senator Wong delivering an impassioned speech in which she urged for those responsible for her death to be held accountable.

“From Abadan to Zahedan Iranians of all ages, ethnicities and gender took to the streets demanding their respect for their fundamental freedoms and basic human rights,” she said in the clip.

“We witnessed courageous women and girls fiercely chanting  ‘zan, zendegi, azadi’. Woman, life, freedom.

“Instead of alleging that Mahsa Amini died of natural causes, Iran should hold to account those directly to account for her death.

“Iran should take responsibility for its actions and listen to the voices of its own people.” 

‘Do not negotiate with terrorists’: US deal with Iran under scrutiny

Last week the government imposed fresh sanctions against Iranian senior police, censors and state media.

The government has issued three sanctions since December 2022, however, Senator Wong said the new round will target those responsible for “the oppression of people in Iran, including women and girls”.

The list will now include the spokesperson for the Law Enforcement Forces of Iran, Saeed Montazeri Al-Mahdi, the head of Iran’s cyber police, as well as two state media reporters from the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Three Iranian organisations — including the Cyber Police, responsible for restricting internet activity in Iran; and Press TV, the state-backed TV channel which has broadcast the forced confessions of Iranians in detainment – have also been added. 

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