New South Wales Treasurer to hand down state budget | Englishheadline


The News South Wales budget will be handed down by Treasurer of New South Wales Daniel Mookhey on Tuesday.

Since winning the March election Mr Mookhey has spoken about the challenges Australia’s largest state economy is facing and has watered down expectations.

Englishheadline Business Reporter Edward Boyd has sat down with the NSW Treasurer to discuss the budget.

“It signals a change for New South Wales – we’re getting on the job with giving the state the fresh start that it voted for,” Mr Mookhey said.

“This budget is going to be balanced, it absolutely threads the needle between repairing the state’s finances and freeing up resources that we can reinvest in people’s schools, in people’s hospitals, in people’s police stations – and other critical services.

“We are doing budget repair responsibly and we are doing it so we can get on with fixing the state’s essential services just as we were elected to do.”

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