Australia ‘blessed’ as a country with lots of sun and wind: Adam Bandt | Englishheadline


Greens leader Adam Bandt says Australia is “blessed” as a country with lots of sun and wind to help the energy transition to renewables.

The Labor government has maintained that it will commit to net zero by 2030 despite growing questions on the delays behind Snowy Hydro and the increasing costs for electricity.

“Each of those projects has to be assessed on its merits and I would say that for plants to succeed they’re going to have to take the will of people into account,” Mr Bandt said at a press conference on Monday.

“But at the end of the day, the reason that this is happening is to ensure that we do our best at tackling the climate crisis.

“We need more solar and wind plants that can be put in the right place so that they’re not a damage to the local environment.”

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