Chris Bowen ‘unhinged’ on nuclear energy: Peter Dutton | Englishheadline


Opposition leader Peter Dutton says Energy Minister Chris Bowen is “unhinged” on nuclear energy.

The Climate Change and Energy Minister says replacing Australia’s coal-fired power plants with nuclear energy instead of renewables would cost around $387 billion.

“Chris Bowen did numbers before the election, and he promised Australians on 97 occasions that he would bring power prices down by $275,” Mr Dutton said during a media conference on Monday.

“I mean, has anybody’s power bill gone down by $275 under Chris Bowen? No, they’ve gone up dramatically the other way, a 16 per cent increase, year on year.

“The prices will only continue to go higher under Labor because he’s now proposing rolling out 28,000 kilometres of poles and wires at the cost of $100 billion plus, and analysts talk about Chris Bowen’s plan costing $1.2 and $1.5 trillion.”

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