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A musician is pleading with a Sydney council to reconsider a ban on buskers playing amplified music at a popular beachside location.

David McCredie had been playing his acoustic music for 12 months at Coogee Beach — a place synonymous with live performances — when he received an email from Randwick City Council in July asking him to stop or he will be fined, following noise complaints from local residents.

After returning from his tour and the weather now warming up, he said he’d “love to busk there again,” and started an online petition last week, which has already attracted more than 2000 signatures.

A photo of David McCredie performing with his bother Pete McCredie at the rainbow at Coogee Beach, in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Sydney musician David McCredie (left), started a petition to allow amplified music at Coogee Beach in the eastern suburbs. Source: Facebook

“I like playing there, lots of people in the community like when musicians play there and it’s such a beautiful place for people to come down after a day at work or on a weekend, chill by the beach, have a picnic and listen to some music,” he told Yahoo News Australia.

Mr McCredie who makes a living off busking believes “the area is almost made for entertainment,” and is hoping he and other musicians will be able to bring speakers and other amplification to perform at the steps of Coogee’s iconic rainbow.

“I think people’s complaints are valid — you got to listen to people that have issues against it — but if it’s done in the right way, busking brings a sense of community,” he said. “If the sound is too loud, just come up to the person and say ‘hey man, can you turn it down’.”

Randwick Council responds to petition

Yahoo reached out to Randwick Council, who confirmed they are working through the issue with Mr McCredie.

“Randwick Council understands how much busking is enjoyed by our community and we appreciate the wonderful sense of community and atmosphere that is provided by our talented local musicians,” a spokeswoman said. “Outdoor amplified music is currently not permitted under our plan of management for Coogee Beach, however, we’re working on a new busking policy which will look at situations just like this.

“In the meantime, we’ll be working with local musicians, such as Dan McCredie, to ensure busking continues and grows into the future.”

Mr McCredie said he is “looking forward to working with council and seeing how [they] can come to an arrangement that works for everyone”.

He also suggested introducing permits for musicians and other live performers like other areas have such as the Northern Beaches Council. “So if you’re making an unpleasant noise, rangers can move you on,” he said.

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