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AN abusive ‘girlfriend from hell’ who was jailed for leaving her boyfriend days from death has been released from prison.

Jordan Worth, 26, was put behind bars five years ago for abusing her former partner Alex Skeel.

Jordan Worth has been released by the Parole Board


Jordan Worth has been released by the Parole BoardCredit: All broadcast news outlets – including Anglia News; but excluding BBC Look East and East O
Her victim Alex Skeel was abused , beaten and isolated


Her victim Alex Skeel was abused , beaten and isolatedCredit: Rex Features

Worth attacked him with knives, a hammer and scalded him with boiling water. She also deprived him of contact with friends and family.

The Parole Broad has now decided to release Worth from prison, deeming that she was no longer a risk to the public.

Horrific details of Worth’s previous abuse came to light in the BBC doc – including making Alex sleep on the floor for nine months. But Worth was the first girlfriend Alex had ever had.

He told The Sun in 2018: “I suppose I thought to myself this was how relationships were, but I know now it wasn’t normal.”

Even when worried neighbours called police, the then 22-year-old Alex pretended his injuries were self-inflicted.

He was taken to hospital with burns to his arms and legs, which he had tried to treat by wrapping in cling film.

Medics found further burns and stab wounds, but still Alex returned to the house he shared with Worth in Stewartby, Beds.

Finally, days later, a police officer persuaded him to tell the horrific truth.

Earlier this year The Sun revealed that Worth had begun a new relationship with brickie Adam Steff, 28, with the pair sharing gushing messages online.

The Parole Board has now decided to release Worth following a hearing on July 4 this year.

A spokesperson said: “After considering the circumstances of her offending and time on licence, the progress made while in custody and the evidence presented at the hearing, the panel was satisfied that imprisonment was no longer necessary for the protection of the public.”

Her release is subject to the following licence conditions, which must be strictly adhered to:
To comply with requirements to reside at a designated address, to be of good behaviour, to disclose developing relationships, and to report as required for supervision or other appointments.

To submit to an enhanced form of supervision or monitoring including drug testing, signing-in times and a specified curfew.

To comply with other identified limitations concerning contacts, activities, residency and an exclusion zone to avoid contact with victims.

To meet specified restrictions relating to the use of electronic technology.

To continue to work on addressing defined areas of risk in the community.

Help for victims of male domestic abuse

If a victim is in immediate danger, they should call 999 and alert the authorities of the abuse.

Otherwise, men can talk to the police, their GP, a local hospital or a specialist helpline such as ManKind Initiative to get help leaving the relationship.

Keeping documents and logs in a diary which details the abuse in a safe place could later help tell others of the abuse.

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