Horror moment tourist is dragged to his death over a waterfall after being swept away by flood in Dharamshala | Englishheadline


SHOCKING video has captured the horrifying final moments of a man who was dragged down a waterfall to his death.

Pawan Kumar, 32, was bathing in the Bhagsunag falls with his friends when he was hit by powerful monsoon flood waters.

The 32-year-old was swept down the Bhagsunath Waterfall to his death


The 32-year-old was swept down the Bhagsunath Waterfall to his deathCredit: CEN

Heart-stopping footage filmed by a friend of Kumar showed him being swept away by raging waters before smashing into rocks in Dharamshala, India on Saturday.

Witnesses can be heard shouting for their friend, unable to do anything but watch the tragedy unfold in front of them.

The person filming stands on a rock and pans his iPhone camera from higher up where people are sitting to the bottom of the waterfall, where Kumar was dragged to.

The 32-year-old’s body was discovered by emergency services some 300 feet down the waterfall, according to local media.

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Kumar was reportedly with a group of friends, visiting the region on holiday, when he died.

His body was taken for autopsy and later handed over to family members, local media reports.

The Bhagsunag Waterfall is popular among tourists and dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

It is located high in the hills of Dharamshala, 6,960 feet above sea level, and surrounded by rolling hills, temples, and cafes.

Some have called it a “little oasis in the mountains”.

Last year, six members of the same family died at Ramdaha Falls of Chhattisgarh in central India.

Witnesses said two sisters – Shraddha, 14, and Shweta Singh, 22 – entered the water to take a selfie, but Shraddha lost her footing.

Five other members of the family aged between 18 and 26 entered the water to try and rescue the sisters.

It was later confirmed that six people died and only one, 22-year-old Sulekha Singh of Madhya Pradesh, was pulled out alive.

Kumar's friends could do little but watch on as the tragedy unfolded


Kumar’s friends could do little but watch on as the tragedy unfoldedCredit: CEN

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