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A BOAT salesman who lives on one of his yachts has revealed the downsides of his unique life on the sea.

JJ Davis said that he has to spend full days keeping up with maintenance on his boat in Miami, Florida.

JJ Davis lives and works in a yacht while running a chartering business


JJ Davis lives and works in a yacht while running a chartering businessCredit: TikTok/@gavrenn
Living in the boat isn't cheap, but he still brings in thousands each month


Living in the boat isn’t cheap, but he still brings in thousands each monthCredit: TikTok/@johnnyyachts
Inside the boat is a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that lies right below an escape hatch


Inside the boat is a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom that lies right below an escape hatchCredit: TikTok/@gavrenn

Though Davis admits his home on the water isn’t nearly as big as some mega-yachts, he still appears to be enjoying a life of luxury.

During the day, the savvy sailor works as a yacht broker and charter owner, meaning he sells boats and rents them out for short trips.

One boat, called Big Daddy, can be rented out to patrons on the weekends, but Davis will kick you out at the end of the day so he can head to bed, he told TikToker Gavren Dochterman (@gavrenn) in a video.

Inside the boat is a beautiful cabin with a full L-shaped couch and a working kitchen.

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Down in the galley is a bathroom complete with a sink, toilet, and shower.

And deeper in the cabin is the “stateroom,” aka Davis’ bedroom which lies right below an escape hatch.

Living in the boat isn’t cheap, as Davis revealed that he spent a whopping $4,816 in expenses during the month of June.

But he said that he made about $12,000 from chartering which brought it a profit of over $7,000.

When asked if he ever gets seasick, Davis said that he doesn’t but always keeps medicine in case a visitor isn’t as lucky.

“I actually get what’s called land sick,” he said.

“You stay on here long enough and then get back on land (it’s) going to feel like your body is shaking.”

For his daily routine, Davis normally wakes up and then jumps into the water to paddleboard with the dolphins.

On Monday and Tuesday, he’s doing maintenance to clean up the engine and interior after the weekend’s events.

“Wednesday through Friday is yacht sales and Saturday and Sunday we’re chartering,” he said.

One of Davis’ most memorable moments working in yacht sales was chartering the boat that rapper Future used for a music video.

Some TikToker users in the comments agreed that Davis’s life looked amazing, and felt that they could easily sacrifice a house for life on the sea.

“This is the dream right here,” one user said.

“I don’t need a huge house. I’d love to have a boathouse and an RV.”

Another person said: “Working only Saturday and Sunday is his biggest flex.”

Other people wondered if his lifestyle was lonely and made it difficult to make friends.

“What about hurricanes?” someone else asked.

Many people have found unique places to live in order to cut costs and prioritize their lifestyles.

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