‘Preach love, practice hate’: Calls for Yes campaign to condemn ‘childish’ protestors | Englishheadline


Liberal MP Tony Pasin says the “childish” protesters outside SA’s No campaign launch “preach love” but they practice “hate”.

Around 1,000 people attended the No campaign launch in South Australia and were greeted by demonstrators shouting profanities as they walked inside the Adelaide Convention Centre on Monday night.

“I don’t want to see these scenes across the next four weeks, I don’t want to see them on referendum day – we need the leaders of the Yes campaign to call this behaviour out as unacceptable and disassociate themselves with this rogue, radical element,” Mr Pasin told Englishheadline Australia.

“This behaviour is unacceptable, we have got to have a respectful debate and that wasn’t respectful – in fact, it was intimidatory and bordering on assault.

“This is nothing more than childish intimidatory behaviour and it will turn people off.”

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