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A WAR of words erupted over a boat that has been dumped on a suburban street in Australia for over a month.  

Furious neighbours in Mosman, a posh neighbourhood in Sydney, claimed the owner left it outside someone else’s house – adding to their ongoing parking nightmare. 

Picture of the boat that has been living on the Shadforth street for over a month


Picture of the boat that has been living on the Shadforth street for over a monthCredit: Facebook

The street has a school and two daycare centres, so is used by parents for pick-ups and drop-offs. 

One resident took a picture of the boat and posted it on the Facebook page Mosman Living.

The post read: “To the owner of this boat on Shadforth Street – asking very nicely if you could please move this elsewhere as it has been parked for almost a month here.

“The council has been notified by a number of residents so please remove it.”

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This post started a hot word-war between the locals of the area, debating if the boat should be removed or not. 

One lot of people seemed to support the mysterious boat owner more than the residents of the street. 

Pointing out the legalities of the case, they stated that boats can be parked in a residential street for up to 28 days. 

“The owner can even move it back to the exact same spot for another 28 days if it is legally parked.” added one woman.” 

Another user said: “If the parking spot is free for the public, why are the school or childcare service users more entitled to the space?”

However, not everyone was happy with the boat stranded on the street for so long. 

“Rich people buy such toys to use once or twice a year, but are so stingy they park it in front of other people’s homes for free.”

Another added: “It should become a law to park boats, caravans, and trailers on owners’ property only or inside designated storage units.”

A mum of a 6-month-old who lives in the street described the parking situation as a nightmare. 

“I often have to park my car on the neighbouring streets and have to walk to my apartment carrying my infant. At times I have a lot of stuff to carry too. It is getting quite difficult to manage. I would not have any problem if there was ample space to park, which is not the case here.” 

“I know it’s not a law but please be a decent human and remove the boat.”

A few others urged the Mosman council to intervene

“The council should insist all boats and trailers should be parked in front of the owners’ place, or else pay for the parking space they take.”

In 2015, The government of New South Wales introduced laws that allow councils to impound any boat or trailer if parked longer than 28 days. 

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However, councils rarely take up such actions as they are difficult to enforce. 

Mosman is one of the wealthiest parts of Sydney and the tenth richest postcode in Australia. 

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