‘Absolutely shattered’: Small community heartbroken after war memorial damaged in Seville, Victoria | Englishheadline


A war memorial has been damaged with authorities estimating repairs would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Victoria Police said unknown offenders were believed to be at the memorial in Seville between 4.30pm on Thursday and 10.30am on Friday.

“The memorial includes eight glass panels, about 3.5m in height, and it is believed offenders hit two of the panels with a damage estimate of $50,000,” police said in a statement.

The memorial has suffered cracks and shattering from the attack and is consequently closed off to the public.

It honours veterans Bert Read, who was wounded in Gallipoli, George Cassidy, who enlisted in the war at age 16, and Bruce Bethune, who died in service during World War II. 

Seville residents took to social media to voice their disappointment over the damage and issued a desperate appeal.

“What a sad moment for the Yarra Valley, especially the Seville community, after waiting so long to have a place where they could come together to acknowledge and pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of those from the township who served our nation,” one user said.

“Mindless vandalism and damage to a war memorial is nothing short of desecration and is the opposite of what any intelligent and honourable Australian feels and thinks,” another wrote.

“I am absolutely shattered… such disrespect for the service persons this was built for, and their families, and so soul crushing to have spent YEARS fundraising to build this, for it to be destroyed in a few minutes,” a third said.

Police have issued an appeal for public assistance, asking witness or anyone with CCTV footage in the area to come forward.  

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

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