Andrew Bolt slams leftist ‘bullies’ for abuse toward No campaigners | Englishheadline


Englishheadline host Andrew Bolt has slammed “bullies” on the left for their verbal attacks against ‘No’ supporters after protesters disrupted a campaign event in Adelaide.

About 1,000 people attended the Fair Australia’s No Campaign launch in Adelaide on Monday night, including Shadow Indigenous Affairs Minister Jacinta Price and Indigenous leader Warren Mundine.

Mr Bolt hit out at the “savage” protest set up outside the Adelaide Convention Centre as activists hurled abuse towards ‘No’ campaigners.

“It is true that there are nasty people on both sides of this debate, but it is also just as true that the loudest abuse is from the left,” he said.

Mr Bolt also denounced an attack from a ‘No’ campaigner for making a comment about Stan Grant’s skin colour.

“No to bullying, no to lectures from people abusing their positions to lecture the lower classes about how they should vote,” he added.

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