Penny Wong hits out at Russian ‘lies’ and slams its motives for Ukraine war | Englishheadline


Russia has been active in spreading disinformation and misinformation about its war against Ukraine.

Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong said Russia has continued to assert that food security issues are a consequence of sanctions applied to the country – not as a result of its ongoing war.

“I’ve heard that out of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s mouth,” Ms Wong said during a media conference on Wednesday.

“It is Russia which has terminated the Black Sea grain initiative which had a downward pressure on food inflation and food prices and was a contribution to food security – that is a Russian decision.

“I think it is a good thing if President Zelenskyy is speaking directly to all nations about why Ukraine matters to all countries.

“And why people ought to disregard the sort of, frankly, lies that Russia has been telling about their motives and the consequences of the war.”

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