Home Headlines Iran nuclear talks resume with little cause for optimism after hiatus #englishheadline #Iran #nuclear #talks #resume #optimism #hiatus

Iran nuclear talks resume with little cause for optimism after hiatus #englishheadline #Iran #nuclear #talks #resume #optimism #hiatus

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visits the Bushehr nuclear power plant, in Iran, October 8, 2021.

Official Presidential Website via Reuters

The indirect talks between the U.S. and Iran on the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal begin again on Monday after a months-long hiatus. A lot has changed since the negotiations halted, and while the stakes are high, observers aren’t particularly optimistic. 

Iran’s foreign minister set the tone just before the talks began, with a statement that said there would be “no way to return” to the deal without the lifting of all U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran when it initially abandoned the multi-country pact in 2018.

“The return of the U.S. to the nuclear deal would be meaningless without guarantees to prevent the recurrence of the bitter experience of the past,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said Monday, adding that “this opportunity is not a window that can remain open forever.” 

The rigid position doesn’t bode well for the negotiations, analysts say.

“The prospects for reviving the JCPOA remain bleak, as Iran’s maximalist negotiating demands and nuclear buildup signal that Tehran has likely moved on from the deal,” Henry Rome, director of global macro research at political risk firm Eurasia Group, wrote in a note last week.

“The odds for a revival of the deal are low both this year and next year,” he wrote, assigning a mere 10% probability for revival this year and 20% for next year, down from 30% previously.

The talks in Vienna are aimed at reviving the deal — officially termed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — that was penned under the Obama administration with several world powers and lifted sanctions on the Islamic Republic in exchange for curbs to its nuclear program. It’s been on life support since former President Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal in 2018 followed by the reimposition of harsh U.S. sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy. 


#Iran #nuclear #talks #resume #optimism #hiatus

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