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Magic Mike 3 Is Happening, And Channing Tatum Returns #englishheadline #Magic #Mike #Happening #Channing #Tatum #Returns

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Magic Mike’s Last Dance is here to expand the “stripperverse”!

It probably hasn’t been on your mind for a while, but I’m here to remind you of the existence of the cinematic masterpiece that is Magic Mike because a THIRD installment of the wildly popular franchise is coming…

Warner Bros / Warner Bros / Courtesy Everett Collection

But, before we get going, let’s set the scene a little and listen to the iconic “Pony” by Ginuwine:


So, earlier today Magic Mike star Channing Tatum shared the cover page of the upcoming film called Magic Mike’s Last Dance:

And, in a press release, Warner Bros. (the studio behind the films), stated, “The team behind the first Magic Mike, which garnered praise from critics and audiences alike, has come together to create the magic again. Tatum will reprise his role as Mike Lane and [director] Steven Soderbergh returns to the helm with a script from Reid Carolin, who also wrote the first two films.”

“There are no words for how excited I am to blow the doors off of the world of Magic Mike with Steven, Greg, Reid, and the amazing people at HBO Max. The stripperverse will never be the same,” added Tatum.


Anyhoo…suffice to say fans are already VERY excited about all this news:

my wife got to tell me that she was pregnant with our first child, and i got to tell her that Channing Tatum is returning for Magic Mike 3. basically the same reaction.

Twitter: @davidehrlich

No word yet on an official drop date, HOWEVER, the studio did say that the film would debut EXCLUSIVELY on HBO Max. So, yeah, you get to enjoy the glory from the comfort of your own sofa. Win/win!


#Magic #Mike #Happening #Channing #Tatum #Returns

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