One dead, two injured in a knife attack anti-terrorism prosecution now leading the investigation Paris

One dead, two injured in a knife attack anti-terrorism prosecution now leading the investigation Paris

A man of German nationality lost his life, and two others were injured in a knife and hammer attack on Saturday evening at the Bir Hakeim station in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Another person is in shock. The suspect was apprehended near the Bir Hakeim bridge around 9:30 p.m. in western Paris, according to a police source. He has been taken into custody.


Initially, the Paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation into charges of assassination and attempted assassination, assigning it to the criminal brigade. However, later in the evening, the national anti-terrorism prosecution assumed control of the case. Initial evidence suggests that the assailant uttered the words "Allah akbar" during the attack.

The assailant, registered in the S file, was born in 1997 in France, as confirmed by the Paris prosecutor's office. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin disclosed in the evening that the attacker is known to the justice services and is under monitoring by internal intelligence due to severe psychiatric disorders, receiving ongoing treatment. In 2016, he was sentenced to four years in prison for plotting another attack.


During a press briefing, Darmanin shared that the attacker expressed distress over the loss of Muslim lives in Afghanistan and Palestine.


The targeted victims were described as a "couple of German tourists," with the wife not physically harmed but severely shocked. The assailant employed a knife and a hammer in the attack. The German man sustained fatal injuries. After fleeing, the attacker engaged in a confrontation with two other tourists in the 16th arrondissement, injuring them slightly before being apprehended by the police from the 15th arrondissement.


Upon receiving the alert, the police initiated a pursuit and successfully arrested the assailant by deploying a taser. The affected area is completely cordoned off, and public access is discouraged.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne declared overnight, "We will not yield to terrorism" following the attack. She expressed her condolences, stating, "My thoughts are with the victim, the injured, and their loved ones. I salute the courage and professionalism of our law enforcement and our mobilized emergency services," in a message shared on X.


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