Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler's relationship over time.

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler's relationship over time.

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler tied the knot in 2017 and are now proud parents of two children.

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler welcomed their second child, son Lowry Lee, in October 2023, joining their daughter Lucy Louise born in May 2022. Despite facing challenges, including Fowler filing for divorce in February 2022, the couple reconciled, and the divorce case was dismissed two months later. Their journey as parents and partners continues to unfold, making them a subject of ongoing interest. Stay updated by tuning in to our daily podcast on PEOPLE Every Day for the latest on Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler.

From their initial spark in 2008, Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler embarked on a journey that has seen them evolve from dating to becoming a married couple with two children. The timeline of their relationship is a testament to the enduring nature of their connection.

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler's love story has its roots in 2008, marked by on-and-off dating over the years. The connection deepened when Hunt, a former football player at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, named his debut album "Montevallo" after Fowler's hometown. Although Hunt had never visited Montevallo, the inspiration came from the significant experiences and relationship he shared with Fowler.


Despite a period of separation, the couple rekindled their romance in 2016. Hunt's persistent efforts, including multiple trips to Hawaii, eventually led to their reconciliation. His determination and love prevailed, bringing them back together in a heartwarming tale of second chances.

The timeline of Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler's relationship continues to unfold:


- August 2015: Sam Hunt credits Fowler's influence on his debut album, "Montevallo," acknowledging her role in shaping the songs and connecting with a female audience.


- June 8, 2016: While at the CMT Music Awards, Hunt, referencing his single "Single for the Summer," declares himself as single but expresses hopes for a relationship by fall.


- August 2016: Speculation arises as Hunt posts an Instagram video featuring an unidentified woman. Entertainment Tonight later confirms Hunt's rekindled relationship with Fowler, with photos surfacing of the couple together in Hawaii.


- January 2017: The couple takes a significant step forward as Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler announce their engagement, marking a new chapter in their love story.


In January 2017, the engagement of Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler became official, confirmed by Hunt's representative to PEOPLE. Hunt later shared the romantic details of his proposal during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show, revealing that he popped the question during a trip to Israel near the Sea of Galilee.


Despite encountering a small disagreement with Fowler before the proposal, Hunt turned it into a unique and memorable moment. The minor altercation unexpectedly provided the perfect opportunity for Hunt to ask Fowler to marry him. The couple's engagement became a special chapter in their love story.


Coinciding with this significant milestone, on January 27, 2017, Sam Hunt released "Drinkin' Too Much," a song that delves into his relationship with Hannah Lee Fowler, adding a musical dimension to their journey.


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