Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Save big on ‘The Pathless’ and more #Englishheadline

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TL;DR: PlayStation just kicked off a Critic’s Choice sale, featuring big savings on hit games from 2020 and beyond.

2020 was a distracting (to say the least) year, which made it easy to miss the actual good things that happened over the course of those ultimately hellish 12 months. 

One of those things being all the great video games that came out (and all of the new consoles, which some were lucky enough to snag before they went out of stock again, and again, and again). 

If you too fell into a slump that caused you to miss out on all the stellar games that came out last year, you can start playing catch-up by picking up some titles during the Critic’s Choice sale that just went live on the PlayStation Store. You’ll see a lot of hit games from 2020, but plently from before (in case you missed those, too). 

Here are our highlights, but you can check out the sale in its entirety here

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