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Social media companies are a ‘devious mob’ #englishheadline #Social #media #companies #devious #mob

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Sky News host Chris Smith says social media big tech giants are a “devious mob”.

It comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced he would set up an inquiry to look into the ‘toxic impact’ of social media.

Mr Morrison has established a parliamentary committee, which will work over the next few months and report back by February.

“I got one of the tech guys here just before I came on to go through what Facebook has been doing in terms of itself online in the past 24 hours since Australia announced this three-pronged attack,” Mr Smith told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“They have been doing nothing but niceties, they’ve been talking about charity work, they’ve been talking about plans to add to various communities, they’ve all of a sudden become soft and lovely.

“There’s no mistake in any of this, it’s no coincidence, this is how they operate, they’re a devious mob these social media platforms and they know that they’re on the brink of major change right across the world.”


#Social #media #companies #devious #mob

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