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Friday, July 23, 2021
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Parts of the Amazon Go From Absorbing Carbon Dioxide to Emitting It

“The ability to build back a margin of safety” through reforestation is very real, he said, and could help bring back the role...

They Resurrected MGM. Amazon Bought the Studio. Now What?

The producer Matt Tolmach, who has two projects in the works at MGM, including the horror film “Dark Harvest,” set for release on...

How Times Reporters Investigated Amazon Employment Practices

Back office employees at a different location, in Costa Rica, described the partial collapse of the company’s leave systems early in the pandemic,...

Amazon says the new F.T.C. chair, Lina Khan, should recuse herself from investigations.

Amazon on Wednesday demanded that the new chair of the Federal Trade Commission, an avowed critic of the company, recuse herself from any...

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