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Monday, July 19, 2021
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Pete Alonso Wins Second Straight Home Run Derby

Pete Alonso was made for the Home Run Derby — his strength, his swagger, his spirit. If he keeps going like this, Alonso...

Latin America Unrest Forces Biden to Confront Challenges to Democracy Close to Home

Venezuela, once one of South America’s most prosperous countries, is now one of its poorest, gutted by corruption and sanctions that caused its...

Work at Home or the Office? Either Way, There’s a Start-Up for That.

SAN FRANCISCO — Before the pandemic, Envoy, a start-up in San Francisco, sold visitor registration software for the office. Its system signed in...

Shrinking Elephants Once Called Sicily Home

Elephants today are confined to the African and Asian continents. But their extinct relatives once roamed far and wide across the planet. When...

Why You Still Might Want to Have a Home Covid Test on Hand

Rapid antigen tests are the least expensive (about $12 per test) and are available in retail stores and online. (They typically aren’t covered...

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