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The 14 Funniest Moments From “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” #englishheadline #Funniest #Moments #Ghostbusters #Afterlife

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When you’re looking for a good laugh, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife has proven itself to be a worthy addition to the Ghostbusters saga, delivering the kind of side-splitting humor that made the original films comedy classics.

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Both the new and original cast members bring laughs to the film in their own special way, making it feel like a fresh but familiar film that’ll please young and old fans of the franchise. For this reason, let’s take a dive into the funniest  moments in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.



Trevor Uncovers the Ecto-1

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When Trevor explores his grandfather’s garage, he discovers the Ghostbusters’ iconic car, the Ecto-1. But instead of staring in awe at this legendary vehicle, he hilariously brushes it off as a piece of junk in the vein of Luke Skywalker and the Millennium Falcon. But of course, like the Falcon, this heap of junk holds a grand legacy that the audience knows all too well.


Podcast’s Narrating

Sony / Via youtube.com

True to his name, Podcast is always recording for his podcast on the paranormal, and his adventure with Phoebe and Trevor becomes part of a very special episode. Whenever the group explores someplace scary or mysterious, to add to the ambiance, he records his own narration to paint a spooky picture for the audience. But no matter how hard he tries, it’s still funny to hear him try to make the world his own little version of Ghost Hunters.


Those Sick Camera Goggles

Sony / Via youtube.com

When Phoebe tries out her grandpa’s proton pack for the first time, Podcast is there to document the occasion. After the former flat-out destroys her target-practice cans, he captures the carnage with a vintage camera built into his goggles. It’s one of those quirky and creative moments that are the reason we all love Ghostbusters.


Phoebe’s Awkward Jokes

Sony / Via youtube.com

Egon’s granddaughter, Phoebe, struggles to fit in with her peers due to her eccentric personality. However, she tries to remedy that by telling jokes, a skill that she has yet to master. Though her jokes don’t always land, it’s funny to watch them crash and burn. And you gotta admit, some of them are pretty clever.


Those Summer School Scenes

Sony / Via youtube.com

To say Gary Grooberson is apathetic about his teaching job is an understatement. When Phoebe attends his summer school classes, instead of actually learning, Grooberson just has them watch horror movies like Cujo and Child’s Play (the former being some well-placed foreshadowing). Paul Rudd’s character pretty much dominated every one of his scenes, but his carefree style of teaching makes us all wish we had him as our teacher in school.


The Return of the Twinkie

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

After Trevor, Phoebe, and Podcast capture the Muncher the metal-eating ghost with the Ecto-1, they are pulled over by a police officer, who asks for their registration. But when they check the glove compartment for it, the only notable thing they find is a solitary Twinkie: a hilarious callback to the “Big Twinkie” scene from the first film.


Podcast’s Secret Subscriber

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

After the Ghostbusters defeat Gozer once again, Podcast is starstruck when he meets Ray in person. He then asks him if he can interview him for his podcast. Not only do we learn that Ray is his subscriber, but that he is his only subscriber. It’s quite funny to hear that you’re Number One fan is a Ghostbuster, and you can really see Ray and Podcast being friends given how similar their characters are.


Phoebe Distracts Gozer

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

After Gozer is revived, Phoebe and the gang attempt to trap the ancient deity in a ghost trap. She thus distracts It with a handful of her signature jokes that are both witty and cringy. All in all, it’s just weirdly funny to see a teenage girl saving the world from an evil god by telling jokes to It. Then again, her grandpa did help save New York City from a giant marshmallow man, so I guess it runs in the family.


Mini Mr. Stay-Pufts

Sony / Via youtube.com

When Grooberson stops at the Walmart for ice cream, he encounters a handful of tiny ghosts that take the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. These little guys are delightfully wicked in how they happily shred or roast each other with the store’s appliances. Evil and adorable, these sugary spawns of Satan steal the spotlight whenever they appear, making them the perfect homage to the original Mr. Stay-Puft.


Lucky’s Jail Scene

Sony / Via youtube.com

Just like the original Ghostbusters, Phoebe, Trevor, and Podcast end up in jail for their ghost hunting across town. For a moment, it seems that Lucky is in deeper trouble than him when she’s spotted in the cell next door. But in a hilarious twist, we learn that she is the sheriff’s daughter and that she was just messing with him, walking right out of her cell. Lucky and her chemistry with Trevor were some of the best aspects of the film, and this scene was a cute moment that made us love her character even more. 


Dana Shocks Venkman

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

The credits surprised us when it said Sigourney Weaver starred in the film, only to show her reprising her role as Dana Barrett in the next scene. In it, we see her enacting Venkman’s classic ESP card test on him. Though Venkman guesses all the cards correctly, Dana electrocutes him to make him admit he actually marked the cards in secret. Call it karma, but it’s fun to see Venkman get shocked with the same machine he used to mess with his students.


Everything Bill Murray

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

The return of the original Ghostbusters was the highlight of the entire film, appearing in an Endgame-style showdown against Gozer in the third act. Of course, Bill Murray delivered the goods by being Bill Murray, stealing the show with every line he utters. He makes the most of the short time he has, taunting and messing around with Gozer during the film’s final battle, making it the perfect return for such an adored character.


Ray Talks To Gozer

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

In a repeat of his classic speech from the first film, Ray demands that Gozer leave their world in the name of Summerville, the state of Oklahoma, and some other organizations, including the AARP, for some reason. This standout scene shows us that, even after all these years, Ray still succeeds at being a colossal nerd. And that’s why we love him.


“Are You A God?”

Columbia Pictures / Via youtube.com

One of the most memorable moments from the original film was when Ray nearly got the group killed for saying he wasn’t a god to Gozer. This question comes up again when the Ghostbusters meet the evil god for the second time. But even after getting electrocuted to near-death by Gozer in the first film, Ray nearly said he wasn’t a god, and the guys hilariously had to convince him otherwise. You just gotta admire his honesty.

Do you agree with this list? Were there any other funny moments that we missed? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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