The Eminem event in Fortnite, including the precise start time. Get ready for some gaming excitement!

The Eminem event in Fortnite, including the precise start time. Get ready for some gaming excitement!

As of December 2, 2023, the Fortnite OG season is coming to a close with a bang! The Eminem 'Big Bang' live-event marks the end of an era and sets the stage for a "new beginning" in the world of Fortnite. This event is a rare treat, especially considering the record-breaking engagement during the Fortnite OG season.


With over 100 million players diving into the original map and weapons in November alone, it's safe to say Fortnite OG left a lasting impression. Now, Epic Games is ready to shake things up with the Big Bang live-event. The future of Fortnite awaits, and the only way to find out what's in store is to be there when it all goes down!

Excitement is reaching its peak as leaks spill the beans on Chapter 5, Season 1 Battle Pass collaborations. Brace yourself for the likes of Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Snake from Metal Gear Solid joining the Fortnite fray. If that's not enough, whispers of new racing modes, music/rhythm modes, and a LEGO mode are adding to the anticipation.


But hold your horses because before the next season kicks in, the Big Bang live-event is stealing the spotlight, featuring none other than the iconic rapper Eminem. The anticipation is so real that themed skins like Rap Boy, Slim Shady, and Marshall Never More Outfits are already causing a stir in the shop. It's a prelude to the epic spectacle about to unfold, and Fortnite fans are in for a treat!

Set your alarms and clear your schedules because the Big Bang live-event is going down on Saturday, December 2nd, starting at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT. Pro tip: log in 30 minutes early to the event's pre-lobby to dodge those pesky queues and ensure a smooth entry into the gaming extravaganza. Gather your squad, as parties of up to four people are welcome to join the action. It's time to mark your calendars for a Fortnite experience like no other!

If you find yourself away from your console or PC, fear not! Epic Games has got you covered. Grab your mobile device and dive into the action via Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce NOW, or Amazon Luna. Not in the gaming mood? No problem. Tune in to the live event on Twitch, YouTube, or other streaming platforms and catch all the excitement from the comfort of your screen.


As for server downtime, buckle up for the v28.00 update starting Saturday at 11:30 pm ET / 8:30 pm PT. Most Epic-made Fortnite modes will be down by noon, except for player-made experiences. So, if you're not attending the live event, you might want to explore some creative player content.


The duration of the event remains a mystery, but plan for a good half hour of adrenaline-pumping action. Post-event, there's usually some special mode to keep the party going. However, be prepared for server downtime, which typically lasts several hours. The new Chapter and Season are expected to kick off in the wee hours of Sunday morning, though, given the unpredictability of Fortnite, surprises are always on the table.


Lastly, if you faced massive queues during the event, you're not alone. Epic Games might not have anticipated the overwhelming response, but fear not. You can catch the action on Twitch, and there are promises of two more time-slots for players who missed the initial wave. Stay tuned for updates, and hopefully, you'll be diving back into the Fortnite universe in no time.


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